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Tzortzis olive orchards

Where: Village of Komi, Lesvos (Lesbos), Greece

Hectares: 20

Olive trees: ~6,400

Primary cultivars: Koloves (92%), Adramitianes (8%)

Single or multiple orchards: Multiple

In the administrative area of Komi on the island of Lesvos in Greece is the olive oil company, Tzortzis Olive Orchards.

The company holds 20 hectares of land that comprises of approximately 6,400 olive trees. The company and orchard is 300 metres above sea level.

Tree varieties cited included: Koloves and Adramitianes.

The company is principally owned and operated by fourth-generation farmer Michalis Tzortzis.

The company produces a variety of oils including: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, & Olive Oil. (The latter was cited as being for manufacturing-based customers)

Most of the company’s revenue is through exporting to European customers. Michalis commented, “We export in 20 countries in Europe.”

In addition to the family’s annual production from their 6,400 trees, they buy the olive harvests from approximately 350 farmers on the island. This annual acquisition, in addition to their own harvest, is milled into olive oil, and sold by their company and brand, Tzortzis Olive Orchards.

The first land of the company was originally acquired in the early 20th century by Michalis’ great-grandfather, Stratos Tzortzis. Overtime more land was acquired by the family. The patriarchal line to date is: (adjectives are associated to the relationship to Michalis)

  • Stratos Tzortzis (original proprietor, great-grandfather)
  • Michail Tzortzis (grandfather)
  • Stratos Tzortzis (father)

Michalis’ wife’s name is Nafsika Anagnostou: They have two daughters Amalia & Adamantia. Michalis has one sister, Vatoula Zacharias, who lives with her husband and “has a group of hotels” on the island of Kos, Greece. Vatoula does not have ownership or an operational role in the company.

From the company’s own annual harvest, historically, 10-20 tonnes of olive oil is produced. In addition to what is purchased from their customer network of farmers, a total of approximately 120-150 tonnes of olive oil is produced annually by the company.

(Tzortzis Olive Orchards also appeared in this article (pub. Oct. 10, 2023)

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