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Green Olives versus Black Olives


Is there a difference between green and black olives?

Green and black olives are the same fruit—the colour is dependant on the maturity of the olive. It has been observed that in Spain, there is a higher abundance of green olives on olive trees in October and November, whereas, there are more olives that are black in December and January. Olives that are harvested in October and November are considered part of an Early Harvest process.

Olives that are darker in colour are usually riper (more matured), produce more oil per olive (less costs to produce), and usually have a softer taste to them. Vice versa, olives that are green produce less oil per olive (higher costs to produce) and usually have more flavours to them.

(This article is not conclusive and will be added to over time)

Article published on January 21, 2022

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