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Hojiblanca Olive Cultivar (Variety)

Hojiblanca is an olive cultivar (variety) commonly grown and harvested in the Province of Córdoba in Spain but can be found in several regions in the country.

The name is Spanish and is a derivative of “white leaf”.

Attributes of Hojiblanca olive trees include: the bottom of the leaves and the trunks are whiter in appearance, and their olives are thicker, compared to a typical olive tree and olive.

This video (filmed, December 30, 2021) is of a Hojiblanca olive tree (Miñarro Sánchez Family Orchard, Lorca, Murcia, Spain). This video is from a segment of the Ithaca Bound Video Series episode, January 20, 2022)

Hojiblanca olive trees have been cited in these regions in Spain:

  • Province of Córdoba
  • Province of Jaén
  • Province of Murcia

Organizations or families known to harvest Hojiblanca:

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Last updated on January 23, 2022

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