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Huerta de Peñamelaria

Where: Province of Córdoba, Spain

Hectares: 120

Olive Trees: ~3,000

Primary cultivars: Hojiblanca, Nevadillo Negro, Picual

Single or multiple orchard locations: Single

Huerta de Peñamelaria is a 120-hectare olive orchard in the Montaña de las Víboras (Viper Mountain) in the Province of Córdoba, Spain. The orchard contains approximately 3,000 olive trees.

In English, Huerta de Peñamelaria means Honeystone Orchard.

The orchard is comprised of the cultivars Hojiblanca, Nevadillo Negro, and Picual.

The orchard was purchased from the Catholic Church in Córdoba in 1827 by Juan Felipe Conde. In pre-modern times, it is believed that the orchard was owned by people in the Muslim community when Andalucía was el-Andalus, and at some point earlier than that, Romans.

Some of the trees in the orchard are believed to be around 300 years in age.

The orchard has remained in the family since its 19th century purchase and its ownership is shared by a number of family members.

The organization practices organic farming and performs harvests from early October to the middle of November (Early Harvesting). Their oils are currently under contract for sale to Luque Ecológico.

Annually, on average, the orchard produces about 75,000 kilograms of olive fruit, and subsequently, 15,000 litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The orchard and olive oil production is managed by descendants of Juan Felipe Conde: cousins José María Penco Valenzuela and Juanjo Rodríguez Valenzuela.

(Huerta de Peñamelaria and several associated family members appeared in a Ithaca Bound Video Series episode on January 9, 2022)

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