Documenting all of the olive orchards in the Mediterranean Basin.

Molino del Hortelano

Where: Casabermeja, Province of Málaga, Spain

Hectares: 60*

Olive trees: ~3,000

Primary cultivars: Hojiblanca, Manzanilla Aloreña (~20%), Picuda (20%), Picual, Acebuche (wild trees)

Single or multiple orchards: Multiple (two)

Molino del Hortelano is a 60-hectacre olive orchard and mill located in Casabermeja, Málaga, Spain, containing a total of approximately 3,000 trees.

It is owned by the Cabello Montiel family of Casabermeja. It is principally owned by married couple, Juan Cabello and Josefina Montiel, and two of their three sons are currently active in the business—Juan Salvador Cabello and Jose Antonio Cabello.

In the orchard exists olive trees from the varieties: Hojiblanca, Manzanilla Aloreña, Picuda (what the family has referenced as Picudo), Picual & some wild olive trees (what is known as Acebuche in Spanish). In the 2021/22 harvest, approximately 15 tonnes (~13,600 litres) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was produced.

The company practices Organic olive cultivation. Usually starting the collection process in the first week of October, the family has stated that they focus their collection activity around the ripeness of the olives, versus a set calendar schedule. “The weather changes always… You need to search the best moment for each type [of olive variety],” Juan Salvador Cabello of the company and family has said.

The family has cited that it’s usual to extract 9-14% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the weight of their olives.

The company acts as both a harvester and oil mill—they bottle their own Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and offer private olive oil processing and tours for customers. They have cited that they have received visitors from Canada, other parts of Europe, and the United States.

Through a product line still branded with the company’s name, they have an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is sourced from an olive tree in the area that is believed to be over 1,200 years in age. (the tree is owned by the Martín family of Casabermeja)

*In addition to the 60-hectare Casabermeja orchard, the family owns a separate 15-hectare olive orchard (its associated hamlet is named Los Nogales) in Antequera, Province of Málaga, that contributes to the company’s overall EVOO production.

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