Documenting all of the olive orchards in the Mediterranean Basin.

Different Terminologies for Olive in the Mediterranean

In English, the fruit that grows on an olive tree is called an olive. This article lists out the various ways that people in countries in the Mediterranean Basin write the word olive.

(As related articles, this article lists the various ways “olive oil” is written and this article lists the various ways that “olive mill” is written.)


Ulliri (Albanian) – Olive


الزيتون (Arabic Standard) – Olive

Zaytun (Moroccan Arabic) – Olive


Aceituna, oliva (Spanish) – Olive

TunisiaTunisian Arabic (second most common language is French)

Tunisian Arabic can be written in either the Latin or Arabic scripts. (The majority of speakers write to each other using the Latin script; a minority of speakers write the dialect using the Arabic script)

Olive – Zitouna / زيتونة

Olives – Zitoun / زيتون

Olivia, olivier, olive (French) – Olive

Turkey (Türkiye)

Zeytin (Turkish) – Olive

(The above list is not comprehensive and will be added to over time)

Published on January 22, 2022

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