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How Much Olive Oil An Olive Tree Produces

It has been cited that an olive tree usually produces 3.0-3.65 litres of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) per year. (up to 5.0 litres per tree has also been reported) If a standard bottle is 500ml, that’s essentially six bottles of EVOO per olive tree per year.

It has been cited by farmers that the average olive produces about 10-20% of its weight in EVOO. So, if there is 1,000 kgs of olive fruit in a batch, it’s expected that that batch will produce 100-200 litres of EVOO. Parts of an olive not pressed into olive oil can include water and paste; these by-products are often used for other means, including as organic fertilizer.

This article explains how many kilograms of olives that an olive tree produces.

(This article is not conclusive and will be added to over time)

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